We find you an accommodation in Clermont Ferrand.

We have already welcomed hundred of students in Clermont Ferrand, and dozens of families through our services.

We have a strong experience to receive people in Clermont.

We find you a place to live in Clermont Ferrand

How works our housing package in Clermont Ferrand?

pic It's not easy when you have just arrived in a new city, especially if you don't speak the local language. As an international student you will face some troubles to get a place to live. Moreover, the housing market in every big french cities is quite difficult, and Clermont Ferrand no exception to the rule.

The local housing system is complicated, and if you don't have any french financial guarantee, it's quite impossible to find a landlord aware to rent you his flat. You will also have to make a lot of adminsitrative contracts (housing contract, electricity company, gaz company, internet company, flat insurance, french bank account opening...)

That's why we offer you our housing package which includes everything. Before or after your arival, we find you an apartment and will manage all the administrative around your rent. During your stay in Clermont Ferrand, we are your local contact.

Our services are based on our personal experience. We used our strong local landlords network in Clermont Ferrand. We speak english, spanish, and of course french.

The first step: Be in touch with us by mail gaetand@moversia.com You fill our form, and we come back to you with more information

What does it conlude?

All the management necessary you need to enjoy your stay in Clermont.

pic Finding an accommodation is link to a lot of administrative steps .
First, we find you a place to live, then we will have to make all the administrative things like electricity or gas contract, flat insurance, housing contract, internet contract... We need also to open a french bank account, in order to set up all this contracts.

  • Accommodation Search
  • Administrative management
  • Bank account opening
  • Airport or train station pick up
  • Apply to the monthly financial help from french government (CAF/APL)

Once you get there, we will help you to answer your extra need, through our strong local network of partners.

How much it costs?

It depends on your situation. Be in touch with us.

pic Because every need is unique, we have to get in touch first, and define together what are you really looking for.
Then we define a fee in relation with the service. Sometimes you are several to expect to live together in a big flat, sometimes you get there with your family and you need some extra support.

You don't pay anything until we find you a place to live

Be in touch with us: gaetand@moversia.com

Think to contact us 2 or 3 months before your arrival, in order to give you support to manage your travel